Your Smile Is
in Good Hands

A successful orthodontic treatment experience isn't just about receiving professional and comfortable care. You also need to trust that your doctor and orthodontic team have your best interest at heart.

At SmileOn Orthodontics in Cedar Park, this is our top priority — you and your care come first. Guaranteed.

Skills & Experience

Doc Ak has over a decade of experience in the dental field and has provided orthodontic treatment to thousands of patients in Texas, California, Maryland and Virginia.

Doc Ak and the SmileOntourage constantly work to sustain the highest level of education, training, and expertise.

We’re happy to say that all that hard work goes straight to you and your family! Get a smile with decades of skill behind it from SmileOn.


Modern Methods, High-Tech Material

Doc Ak is up-to-date on the latest in orthodontic treatment and braces technology.

SmileOn Orthodontics is your Cedar Park location for modern orthodontic treatment. We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality orthodontic materials. This includes Carierre® self-ligating brackets, Wild Smiles® brackets, and Harmony lingual braces.

We believe that with better technology comes greater treatment efficiency, improved aesthetics, comfort, and results.

Thanks to new 3D technology, those old, goopy impressions are becoming a thing of the past. Our digital treatments, on the other hand, are becoming more effective every day.

Introducing our “SmileOn the Go” scanning feature, powered by the Grin app, we take your orthodontic experience to the next level. This innovative tool allows for remote monitoring of your treatment progress, ensuring everything is on track without the need for frequent in-office visits.

Enjoy the luxury of weekly check-ins from the comfort of your own home, making your orthodontic journey more convenient than ever.

We're always updating our methods, from our two-way texting communication option to our advanced orthodontic materials. We aim to provide the most advanced and practical improvements for your care, ensuring you get the best results possible.

Modern Design, Sustainable Practices

We’ve designed our state-of-the-art facility at SmileOn Orthodontics for your comfort. We’ve refined every detail, from equipment to ambiance, through extensive planning and research.

Cutting-edge technology defines our approach. We pride ourselves on our all-Mac-based digital setup, ensuring precision in every treatment.

Eco-friendly practices are at the heart of our operations. Going almost entirely paperless isn't just about efficiency; it's our commitment to the environment, ensuring that while we craft beautiful smiles, we also care for our planet.

Around-the-Clock Commitment

At SmileOn Orthodontics, we're more than just a clinic; we’re committed to you. We pride ourselves on being there for you — day or night.

We know life can be hectic. That’s why we offer flexible appointments for your convenience.

We've tailored our services to fit seamlessly into your schedule. Early morning? Before work or school? We've got you covered. Evening hours? No problem.

Our goal? Making your journey to a perfect smile as convenient and pleasant as possible.

Community Involvement

We love being a part of and serving the Cedar Park, Leander, Round Rock and North Austin communities. Doc Ak and The SmileOntourage want to build a reputation on giving back.

We are your neighbors and friends. We are happy to help where we can, however we can. We are proud to sponsor many of the elementary, middle and high schools in and around Cedar Park, as well as numerous sporting teams and community organizations.

Global Giving

Every season, we turn our attention to a critical issue and select a monthly charity to support. For every new patient who begins treatment, we make a generous donation to our chosen charity or a local school selected by the patient.

Cedar Park braces

Dive into Treatment Today

The journey to a perfect smile involves multiple visits to SmileOn Orthodontics. We look forward to developing a bond with you and your family during this time.

Doc Ak and the team work hard to make sure you feel confident in your care every step of the way.

After addressing all your questions and concerns in your free consultation, you can kickstart your treatment the very same day! We respect your time and aim to maximize the value of each visit to our Cedar Park office.

To cater to your busy life, we offer a flexible schedule. With availability in the early mornings and late evenings, we’ll minimize disruptions to your school or work routine.