Smiles for Every Size

Orthodontic treatments are about more than just a straight smile; they're about better overall oral health, functionality, and self-esteem.

Through Doc Ak's expertise at SmileOn Orthodontics, Cedar Park Smiles, young and old, can set off on a transformative journey tailored to their unique needs.

The Foundations for a Radiant Smile

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The Ideal Age for Evaluation

Doc Ak and The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommend Cedar Park children be evaluated by age seven.

This early assessment means we can identify any potential issues before they become more problematic down the line.

Orthodontic problems are often easier to correct when detected early because jaw and palate growth are more malleable. Early treatment may also mean that your child may avoid permanent teeth extractions, surgery or other significant interventions later in life.

Preventing Future Complications

Early orthodontic treatments can prevent more complex issues later on, reducing the need for invasive procedures and ensuring a smoother journey to a perfect smile.

Why Start Early?

Simpler Solutions

Addressing orthodontic issues early often leads to more straightforward treatments, leveraging the adaptability of a child's growth.

Saves Time & Money

Early interventions can prevent expensive treatments in the future, making it a wise investment in your child's oral health.

Boosts Kids’ Confidence

A straight smile can enhance a child's self-esteem, setting them up for a future filled with confidence.

Orthodontics For Teens

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Sharing Experience

With many Cedar Park teens undergoing orthodontic treatments, it becomes a shared journey, offering mutual support and understanding.

Full orthodontic treatment will generally begin after all the baby teeth have fallen out and permanent teeth have come in, usually around age 12 or 13.

Many of your child’s friends may have braces, so they may want them, too — you know, because it’s the cool thing to have.

We want your child to love their smile because it builds confidence and self-esteem, not just go along with the norm. We will always be honest and upfront about what treatment is necessary and whether your child is a strong candidate for it.

Customized Treatments for Unique Needs

Every teen's orthodontic needs are a little bit different. At SmileOn Orthodontics, we make sure each treatment plan is tailored to the individual.

A Smile Ready for Adulthood

Orthodontic treatments during the teen years prepare them for adulthood with a radiant smile, ensuring they confidently step into the next phase of life.

The Advantages of Teen Orthodontics

Shared Experiences

Undergoing orthodontic treatments with peers offers a sense of camaraderie and mutual support.

Building Self-Esteem

A confident smile can significantly boost a teen's self-esteem, positively impacting their social and academic life.

Preparation for the Future

Orthodontic treatments set teens up for a future with optimal oral health, ensuring they step into adulthood with their best smile forward.

It's Never Too Late for a Perfect Smile

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Modern Solutions for the Modern Adult

With options like Invisalign and lingual braces, orthodontic treatments have become more discreet, fitting seamlessly into the adult lifestyle.

Sometimes adults wonder, “Am I too old for braces?” And the answer is, Nope!

It’s never too late to get the smile you’ve always wanted. Healthy teeth can be moved at any age. Doc Ak loves treating patients of all ages. His oldest patient was 80 years old!

These days adult patients have more orthodontic options than ever, from clear aligners to ceramic braces that blend right in with your teeth.

Gone is the ‘metal mouth’ or ‘train tracks’ look that you may have associated with braces as a teenager. Also, many recent innovations ensure that treatment time is significantly reduced- getting you to that gorgeous smile faster than you thought possible! More reason to SmileOn!

Efficient and Effective Treatments

Cutting-edge techniques ensure quicker results, allowing adults to achieve their desired smiles in a shorter timeframe.

A Smile Worth the Wait

Whether you missed out on orthodontic treatments as a child or are experiencing shifting teeth in adulthood, it's never too late to embark on the journey to a radiant smile.

The Perks of Adult Orthodontics

Discreet Treatments

Modern orthodontic solutions are designed to be unobtrusive, ensuring you can undergo treatment without it impacting your professional or social life.

Improved Oral Health

Straight teeth are easier to clean and maintain, reducing the risk of oral health issues in the future.

A Confidence Boost

Achieving the smile you've always desired can significantly boost your self-esteem and confidence, positively impacting various facets of your life.

Start With A Free Consultation

With Doc Ak and the dedicated team at SmileOn Orthodontics, patients of all ages in and around Cedar Park, Leander, and Round Rock can look forward to a future with radiant smiles. Whether you're a child, teen, or adult, we're here to guide you every step of the way.