Straight From the SmileOn Patient's Mouth

Doc Ak and the SmileOntourage love our patients, and they love us back!

See what people just like you have to say about our service. We hope you’ll be inspired to find your own SmileOn story.

Cheerful, Spotless, & Modern!

This office is cheerful, spotless, and modern. The staff are amazing from start to finish they make you feel special. They are very easy to communicate with.

Doc Ak is very knowledgeable, and I trusted him with everything. Highly recommend this orthodontist!!!

- Hina

Patient & Understanding

Great establishment with great service and awesome employees. Dr. Ak has been such a great help to my child and their dental journey with braces.

Patience and understanding is what this place does well. They’ve worked with my family situation so well. Ecstatic to write this review!

- Jason

Best Orthodontist Ever!

Best orthodontist ever! Doc Ak is a fantastic and very knowledgeable Orthodontist. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. Thanks, Doc Ak, for my daughter's beautiful smile!

- Melisa

Can't Rave Enough!

I can’t rave enough about Smile On Orthodontics! At first, our daughter was terrified- screaming and crying before the process even began.

They provided a safe room to give her special attention and comfort. Here we are a few years later, calmly getting her braces off.

SmileOn has fully celebrated each step with her. We can’t thank Doc Ak and the staff enough for growing through this experience with us.

- Karen

A Great Choice!

Dr. Ak is great! He has great equipment and a great team. The staff is wonderful. This place was a great choice!

- Jeanette

Made Sure I Was Satisfied

I would highly recommend SmileOn for your braces journey. Doc Ak made sure I was satisfied with my braces at every appointment.

My teeth came out AMAZING. Thank you Doc Ak and staff. You guys all did amazing ♥️ can’t wait to take my kids to get braces when they are ready!

- Jocelyn

Couldn't Be Happier!

My twin girls had a consultation with Doc Ak last year. The office is clean, up-to-date, and the staff seems happy to work there, which to me says a lot. We couldn’t be happier with our girls’ new smiles!

- Shanna

Attentive, Kind, & Smiling!

Dr. Pandya and his team are fantastic!! From the minute I walked in the door until the time I left every team member was attentive, kind and smiling!

- Shiloh


SmileOn is amazing! They make braces and checkups FUN! Doc Ak and the entire staff are friendly and very accommodating!

Their office is always clean and welcoming. My kiddos all love coming to Smile On! So thankful for Smile On and the difference they make everyday in our community!

- Corrine


Wearing the Invisalign has been life-changing for me! It was so worth it. I am 63 years old. I can smile without worrying about how my teeth look.

Doc Akash and his staff cared about my teeth and my progress. The front desk is always so welcoming, with a smile and kind words.

I highly recommend anyone who needs Invisalign to go to SmileOn Orthodontics in Cedar Park, TX.

- Linda

We Love the SmileOn Ontourage!

We love the SmileOn Ontourage! Doc Ak and his wife are so friendly and down to earth.

- Ashlee

Upbeat & Fun Environment

Everyone at SmileOn is awesome! It’s such an upbeat and fun environment! Their office is always clean and sanitized. Don’t walk, run to SmileOn and get your smile on 😀

- Thu

SmileOn is Amazing!

SmileOn is amazing! The staff is very friendly and they’re conveniently located in Cedar Park.

- Sandra