Common Orthodontic Care Issues

Had an accidental orthodontic mishap recently? SmileOn Orthodontics in Cedar Park is here for you when unexpected orthodontic surprises pop up. Our team, led by Doc Ak, remains committed to providing swift and efficient care for all your orthodontic needs. Whether you’re dealing with unexpected discomfort or breakage, you can count on us for support. 

Common Orthodontic Issues

Here are some common issues you may run into throughout your orthodontic journey. 

Lost or Broken Aligners

Wearing broken aligners/skipping aligners can significantly slow down your treatment, extending your estimated treatment time. Nobody wants that! Please notify us immediately if your aligners are lost or broken so we can order replacements and keep your treatment moving.

Pain and Discomfort

It’s completely normal to feel some pain and discomfort with orthodontic treatment, especially after an adjustment or aligner change. Doc Ak recommends taking acetaminophen as directed to counter any soreness you may experience. Please notify us if you experience severe pain, as that could indicate that something needs to be addressed/repaired. 

Broken Braces or Wires

Our braces and wires are strong, but not indestructible. They can break if not properly cared for. Please notify us immediately if you experience any breakage. We will let you know whether the issue needs to be addressed immediately, or if it can wait until your next appointment. Keep in mind that excessive breakage can potentially lead to excessive time in treatment. Keeping your braces in tip-top shape means your new smile will be here before you know it!

Loose Appliances or Bands

A loose appliance or band will negatively affect treatment progress and can increase the likelihood of getting cavities. (Sugar LOVES to creep down between the band and the tooth once that cement bond has been broken.) Please notify us immediately if you notice something is loose so we can get you in and keep your treatment moving smoothly.

Injuries To Your Teeth/Mouth/Face

Doc Ak strongly recommends that all athletes wear mouthguards while in orthodontic treatment. We carry multiple styles of mouthguards in office and are happy to recommend which type of mouthguard will work best with your particular treatment method. Please notify us immediately if you experience a mouth injury. 

Common Orthodontic Care Issues

Preventing Orthodontic Issues

We’re always here to help with any orthodontic issues, but Doc Ak and the SmileOntourage believe in the power of prevention. Here are some helpful tips for avoiding common mishaps and keeping your treatment running smoothly.

Proper Care and Maintenance

Keeping your braces/aligners/teeth clean is absolutely vital. Brushing and flossing regularly helps prevent dental issues. Don’t skip any appointments with Doc Ak or your General Dentist. These visits are crucial and allow us to catch potential problems early.

Proper Diet

Improper diet is the number one cause of breakage issues. Crunchy snacks, chewy candies, and other hard or sticky foods can damage your braces/appliances/attachments. Stick to orthodontic-friendly foods and avoid unnecessary, extra trips to the office.

Use Tools, Not Teeth

Cut all food up into small, bite-size pieces rather than biting directly into it. This will prevent undue pressure on your braces that could potentially pop them off. Opening packages or bottles with your teeth and chewing on foreign objects is also a BIG no-go, as this can lead to fractured brackets, wires, and even teeth.

Education and Awareness

Be aware of what feels normal and what doesn’t. If something feels off, reach out to the SmileOntourage as soon as possible, and we’ll sort it out together!

Common Orthodontic Care Issues

Smooth Treatment with SmileOn Orthodontics

By following these simple tips, you can reduce your chance of orthodontic issues. Prevention is always the best way to handle any situation. However, if you ever find yourself in a bind, remember that Doc Ak and the SmileOntourage at SmileOn Orthodontics are just a phone call away, ready to assist you through any situation with a smile!

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