Worst Foods For Your Teeth

Though cavities are preventable, 91% of adults from 20 to 64 years old have had tooth decay, according to a survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

These are the worst candies:


Lollipops, mints and even sugary cough drops present a double-dose of potential trouble. Unlike chocolate that melts quickly and may be fairly low in sugar, hard candy provides a long feast for mouth bacteria that produce enamel-weakening acids as they digest sugars.

Raisins and dried fruit were thought to be a healthy snack, but raisins are concentrated sugar and they stick to the grooves of your teeth. For that reason,  children should eat natural snacks like apples, carrots or fresh fruit. The crunch of those watery foods also helps clean the tooth surface while you chew.

Like dried fruits, the starch in pretzels and chips turns into sugar, and worse, can form a kind of adhesive paste that can stay on your teeth for hours if you don’t brush it off. Other sticky “healthy” foods can include bagels, dry breakfast cereal and even gummy vitamins.

Sour candy is also bad because it’s so acidic. Some of the sour candy is at least twice to three times as acid as natural water or milk.

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