Will Smoking Affect Orthodontic Treatment?

The health effects of smoking are far-reaching. Smoking products with tobacco can constrict the blood vessels of periodontal ligaments, gums, and bones. It also promotes gum disease and bone loss, requiring periodontal treatment to reverse the damage, if caught early enough. 

When smoking during orthodontic treatment, you can expect staining of your teeth around the appliance as well as the braces themselves if you have clear braces. Just one cigarette has enough nicotine to cause stains to develop. You can also expect these additional results from continuing to smoke. 

Longer Treatments 

Depending on how much you smoke, it can prevent the effectiveness of the brace’s ability to properly align your teeth. This will result in longer treatment time, delaying your perfect smile, and increasing your financial investment.

Risk of Tooth Decay Increases

Smoking is known to reduce the ability of your mouths saliva to naturally fight tooth decay. Your saliva is fighting to rid your mouth of acids nestled between your teeth in the nooks and crannies after each meal. If your mouth’s saliva can not naturally rinse these areas out and rid itself of the bacteria that cause plaque, your risk of tooth decay increases, significantly.

Additional Cleaning

If you smoke on a regular basis, you will quickly develop stains on the enamel of your teeth and will be even more noticeable during orthodontic treatment when your brackets are finally removed. Each tooth will have a spot where the bracket was placed which will be lighter in color than the surrounding tooth. To remove these stains will require professional cleaning and whitening treatments.

To avoid these damaging effects of smoking cigarettes during your treatment, abstain from smoking during your orthodontic treatment. The effects caused to your oral health can be reversed. Your overall health, as well as your lung function, will greatly improve over time if you cease smoking entirely. 

If you have a teen who needs braces and smokes, we will be happy to take the time to explain these and other concerns for your teen’s health during their appointment. It is important for them to understand that smoking and braces are not a good fit and will have long term consequences for their health. 

If you are ready to begin you or your child’s smile transformation today, give us a call at 512-337-2325 to schedule your consultation.

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