What Happens To Your Teeth When You Cut Sugar

We all know that cutting or eliminating sugar from our diets can make a great impact on our overall health. But what about your teeth? Reducing your sugar intake can help make your smile brighter and healthier as well. Here’s why:

Less Tooth Decay
Bacteria in our mouth feeds on sugar. So the more sugar you eat, the more bacteria you have in your mouth. And it’s not just the amount of sugar, but how long the sugar is left on your teeth. The longer the teeth are exposed to the sugar, the more time the bacteria in your mouth has to create the acid and rot your teeth

Improves Overall Health
Studies have found a correlation between gum disease and your risk level for getting heart disease. So by decreasing your tooth decay, your overall health will improve as well.

Better Breath
Sugar feeds the bacteria that cause bad breath. So, the more sugar you’re eating the more bad breath you’re creating.
(For this reason, you should always use sugar-free gum or mints if you’re hoping to freshen your breath).

Cutting out sugar might seem tough, but see if you can replace one soda or juice a day with water. Your teeth will thank you!

Posted on August 17, 2018 in Orthodontist near Austin

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