Teeth Brushing 101

You might think you know how to brush your teeth, but if you still get cavities or don’t feel like your teeth are truly clean, then maybe you need some pointers.

-Brush the inside of the teeth, the surfaces that face the tongue and the palate. Just because you can’t see it in the mirror doesn’t mean food and plaque aren’t building up there!

-Brush your teeth for at least two minutes twice a day. Any shorter and you aren’t brushing enough! 30 seconds for top teeth surfaces that face the lip and cheek, 30 seconds for top teeth inside surfaces and same for bottom teeth

-Pressure is key. Applying too much pressure could damage gums and be abrasive to teeth. But too little pressure isn’t as effective and will not remove the plaque. The ‘right amount of pressure’ is pressure that feels comfortable, does not crush the bristles of the toothbrush (too much pressure) and of course leaves your teeth feeling and looking clean.

-Rubbing the toothbrush back and forth in long strokes is not as effective as shorter strokes. Short strokes allow you to get in between teeth much better


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