Summer Braces Tips

Summer is a fun time for travel, treats, and adventure. But you want to make sure your braces survive the season! Follow these tips for a fun and safe summer with braces.


Visit us before you travel

If you’re about to embark on a long trip or summer camp, make an appointment to make sure your braces are in top shape.


Pack the essentials

Bring an extra pack of orthodontia wax, flossers, and the right toothbrush for your braces when you travel or go on a sleepover.


Wear a mouthguard

Before that pick-up game of basketball, put in your mouth guard to keep your teeth safe. Even if it isn’t a contact support (such as baseball) there are still risks involved.


Keep your retainer safe.

Before you go in the pool or ocean, remove your retainer so it doesn’t accidentally fall to the bottom! Also avoid leaving your retainer in hot places, like your car while at the beach. Prolonged exposure to heat can cause your retainer to shrink.


Bring your toothbrush

As you’re not in school or at work, it can be easy to forget to brush your teeth after meals or treats. So bring your toothbrush with you wherever you go so you can brush up after that tasty ice cream cone.

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