Invisalign for Teens Leander – Deepbite and Overbite

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Getting braces and orthodontic treatment isn’t always just to straighten out some crooked teeth. There are sometimes occasions where there might be something a little more serious going on. These conditions are crowding, spacing, impacted teeth, deepbite, overbite, openbite, protrusion, underbite, and crossbite. Having one of these can mean there are issues with your teeth, jaw, and gums, and any of these can cause discomfort, pain, or simply, self-consciousness.

A deepbite or overbite issue is when the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth. You have a higher chance of wearing out your teeth. People with an overbite are often clenchers and grinders. People with this situation may feel discomfort or simply be embarrassed of their teeth, depending on how serious the condition is. Early treatment is best when it comes to deepbite or overbite, allowing the situation to resolve before it gets worse and more wear is done on the teeth than desired. If you have a deepbite or overbite situation and would like to have it checked out, call our office or come in today.

SmileOn Orthodontics is located in Cedar Park, TX. You can reach us by phone at 512-337-2325 to schedule your SmileOn Consulation. At SmileOn Orthodontics we believe that everyone deserves a healthy, lasting beautiful smile. Visit us online at

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