Invisalign for Teens – Cedar Park Using Your Creativity with Wild Smiles

SmileOn Orthodontics is proud to be part of the Cedar Park, TX community. Our focus is providing each and every patient with the smile they’ve dreamed of.  A healthy mouth is a happy mouth.

Wild Smiles is a system of braces developed for kids and teens that will allow them to get the quality orthodontic treatment they need while letting them choose their own bracket shapes and colors to express their creativity. They work the same as traditional braces. The only part that is different between Wild Smiles and traditional metal braces is the part that attaches to the tooth is in a cool shape of the child’s choosing. You are able to mix and match the shapes in whatever way you choose. You can choose from a variety of bracket shapes like hearts, stars, footballs, sports balls, flowers, and Super-Diamonds. These brackets are not only fun, but they are made to the same strict government-regulated standards as traditional braces. They might even be more comfortable for your child, as they are low-profile stainless steel braces. They have a more comfortable feel than other aesthetic type braces, such as clear ceramic brackets. If you’re interested in learning more about Wild Smiles, check out our website or give us a call now.

SmileOn Orthodontics is located in Cedar Park, TX. You can reach us by phone at 512-337-2325 to schedule your SmileOn Consulation. At SmileOn Orthodontics we believe that everyone deserves a healthy, lasting beautiful smile. Visit us online at



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