How To Cut Down on Sugar

Sugar is the number one enemy of dental health. This is especially true when you have braces or other orthodontic equipment. As hard a habit it might be to kick, reducing the amount of sugar in our diets will help to reduce the damage it can cause to our teeth, with the added bonus of improving our waistlines along the way.

1. Check the ingredients
Ingredient labels might not exactly say “sugar,” but that doesn’t mean it isn’t hiding in there! Look out for sugar’s aliases: sucrose, glucose, fructose, maltose, molasses, hydrolyzed starch and corn syrup.

2. Start smart
Lots of breakfast foods, including cereal, packaged oatmeal, protein bars, and more, are packed with sugar. Switch to a breakfast with lower or no sugar, or don’t add additional sugar on your own. Not only will these reduce your sugar intake, but a more nutritious breakfast will fill you up better, so you don’t need to snack all day.

3. Beware of “Fat Free”
Even if a food is fat free, there are still often high levels of sugars in the form of fructose or refined sugar.

4. Get in a routine
Get in the habit of drinking lots of water, eating nutritious meals without much added sugar, snacking on whole fruits and vegetables, and cutting back on dessert so you only have a treat a few times a week!

When you cut back on sugar in your diet, your body and your teeth will thank you!

Posted on November 29, 2016 in Cedar Park Orthodontist, Orthodontist near Austin

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