How to Care for Your Retainer

After you get your braces removed, you will receive a retainer to wear every day. After some time, you will only need to wear your retainer at night after you brush your teeth. If you stop wearing your retainer, your teeth will likely move and you may need braces again, so don’t forget! Here are a few tips to keep your retainer in great shape:


Your retainers should be cleaned every day.

In the morning, take the retainers out and rinse them with cold or lukewarm water. Never use hot water, as this may damage the retainers. After rinsing, place the retainers in a cup with a denture cleaning tablet (we recommend Efferdent) and warm water. Allow the retainers to soak in the cleaning solution all day and evening. Rinse the cleaning solution off your retainers before placing the retainers in your mouth at night.

If you experience any problems with your retainers such as irritation to your gums, excessive loosening or breakage of the retainers, call  us right away.

Never wrap your retainers in a paper towel or napkin, as they could get accidently discarded. Store your retainers in a cup with denture cleaner or your retainer case.

Your retainers are delicate. Handle them with care.

Do not eat with your retainers in place and drink only water.

Keep your retainers away from dogs.

If traveling by plane, keep retainers in a carry-on bag.

If your retainers break or get lost, please call us right away. You will need a replacement set.

Posted on June 27, 2016 in Cedar Park Orthodontist, Orthodontist near Austin

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