Fake Braces: Know The Dangers

Yes, there is such a thing as fake braces. Though more prevalent in countries outside the US, the danger is no less. In many countries, Orthodontic treatment is usually only affordable to those that are more financially prosperous. Therefore, fake braces enter the scene for those that want the appearance that they can afford them for their kids and teens even though they can not. In Asian countries, braces run about $1,200, but for around $100 they are being “fitted” with imitations. In Thailand, it is reported that the Thai government is trying to find a way to punishing the fake braces sellers, their suppliers, as well as the importers with fines and even prison sentences,  according to the UK’s Daily Mail and CBS News.

With fake braces, an actual orthodontist is never involved in the process. The wearer will actually be the one placing them to their teeth, or they may go to a street vendor or a beauty salon! The brackets can be the shape of popular cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty, as well as colored bands can be added. None providing any actual orthodontic treatment, it’s all just for fashion. But would they still do it if they knew the actual risks they might inflict upon themselves? Risks such as:

  • Choking hazard during the fitting
  • Lead poisoning from the metal used to make the braces.
  • Mouth sores which can become infected
  • Tooth enamel discoloration and decay from the glue used to attach the fake brackets

It’s just not worth risking your child’s life and oral health for fashion. If your child or teen truly NEEDS orthodontic care, you should consult with a professional orthodontist and see what treatment they feel your child needs and one which you can afford. Proper oral health care routines and braces will ensure that your child has a healthy mouth as well as strong teeth and a winning smile. A solid hygiene routine should include flossing and brushing twice-daily and including a thorough rinsing with a mouthwash that removes stains, freshens breath and kills germs for up to 12 hours.

We all want the best for our children and we understand that kids want to appear stylish at almost any cost, but we strongly urge against the wearing of fake braces and suggest bringing them into an orthodontist that can help your child understand the importance of good oral health and the risks of following such a dangerous fad. Call us today to schedule your family’s orthodontic appointment today at 512-337-2325.

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