Do NOT Try At-Home Braces

There has been a scary recent trend – especially among teenagers – of DIY braces. People are fashioning their own braces from rubber bands, fishing wire, and other odds and ends. We do not recommend this.

First, whatever materials they might be using are likely filled with bacteria, and could cause infections in your mouth.

These bands could also cause gum damage, and could literally squeeze your tooth out of your gums. Moving your teeth back and forth also causes them to “wiggle,” which could result in them one day falling out!

Please, leave the orthodontia to the professionals. If you notice your child seems to be experimenting with teeth-straightening techniques, talk to them. Then, give our office a call. We offer a variety of payment plans to help make braces or Invisalign affordable to all. The cost of braces is much less than the cost of needing to care for damaged teeth should your child’s DIY braces get out of hand.

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