Celebrities Who’ve Had Braces

Braces are a lot more common than you think! Tons of famous actors athletes, public figures, and more wore braces as a child or even an adult. Did your favorite celebrity wear braces?

Faith Hill – She got braces in her 40s and even wore them to the Grammy’s!

Miley Cyrus – She wore braces during her Hannah Montana years.

Kendall Jenner – She’s had braces twice!

Tom Cruise – He also got them when he was 40 to get that movie star smile!

Gwen Stefani – She wanted braces as a kid but couldn’t afford them, so she got them during her time with No Doubt.

Emma Watson – She briefly had braces in between the Harry Potter films, then got Invasalign to finish the job.

Dakota Fanning – She had braces for a total of 4 years, removing them when she needed to film a movie.

Niall Noran – He got braces right in the hub of his One Direction fame – and now he’s got a perfect smile.

Ariel Winter – She sported braces during season 2 of Modern Family.

Dwight Howard – He still wore braces when he was drafted by the Orlando Magic at age 18!

Numerous other stars had braces as they were growing up (and out of the limelight) including Emma Stone, Ryan Seacrest, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson,

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