Braces Tips For Kids: The First Appointment

Before your first visit to get your braces on, you might be feeling nervous. But you shouldn’t be! Getting braces on is very similar to a typical teeth cleaning at the dentist. Trust that your orthodontist will do everything he can to make it as painless and simple as possible for you, the patient!

As you prepare for your first appointment here’s what to expect.

You’ll sit in a dentist chair and the orthodontic technician or assistant might take X- rays or computer pictures of your mouth and teeth.

Getting your braces on will start with gluing the metal brackets to your teeth using a special glue. Then, the orthodontist will attach the metal wires to the brackets.

Next, you get to pick what color rubber bands you want for your braces. There are lots of color options, and you’ll have these colors for a few months, so take a second to decide which color you like best!

Your mouth will be sore for the first few days that you have braces. Taking a pain reliever will help. It’s also advised to stick with soft foods like smoothies, pudding, soup, and milkshakes. Yes, you have permission to drink milkshakes!

Remember, braces are worth it for the beautiful smile you’ll have at the end.

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