Braces FAQ – What Happens At My Check-In Appointment

Once you get your braces on, you’ll need to come back to our office about every 6 weeks so your braces can get tightened, and make sure everything is moving the way it is supposed to. These appointments are critical to making sure your braces are working! Braces involve slow, small movements, so they need frequent tightening and adjustments.


Frequent follow-ups, or “adjustments,” are needed to replace worn-out rubber bands, check on your teeth’s progress, and make adjustments to the wires to make sure teeth are being pulled in the right direction. Skipping follow-ups can hinder progress, and may cause you to need braces for a longer period of time.


What will the orthodontist do?

The orthodontist will always replace the elastic bands on each bracket and may also take out and replace the wire. Each adjustment should only take about 20 minutes.


Will it hurt?

Possibly. Most patients are sore for anywhere from a few hours to a few days after each regular adjustment. This feeling can be anything from a mild, unpleasant pressure to more significant pain. However, any discomfort shouldn’t last very long.


After your first few appointments, you’ll be a pro at visiting the orthodontist. It will become second nature to you! If you have any questions or concerns about an upcoming appointment, please contact our office anytime.

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