Are You an Athlete? Consider a Mouth Guard!

Whether it’s football, soccer, volleyball, or cheerleading, fall sports are here! And with these activities come increased risks for tooth damage. If you have braces or any other orthodontic device, a mouth guard is recommended to keep you (and your smile!) safe.

Mouth guards not only protect your braces and teeth, but your lips and cheeks as well. The last thing you want is to get a tooth knocked out after you’ve spent months visiting the orthodontist for your braces.

Mouth guards are rubber devices worn on the teeth during sports to provide an extra barrier of protection between your lips and your teeth. Any sport that could put you in contact with flying equipment or another athlete could put your teeth at risk. A mouth guard is the best way to protect you!

A mouth guard can be purchased at a store or from our office.

If you chose to buy a sports mouth guard at the sporting goods store please make sure it is the right one for braces & orthodontic appliances. The packaging will indicate that its an “orthodontic” mouth guard or that it’s “for braces.”

Or, give our office a call and we can provide you with a mouth guard specifically for orthodontic appliances. We want to help you keep your teeth safe!

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