Are Braces Right For Your Child?

You may be considering getting braces for your child. If you’re not sure if it’s time for them to visit an orthodontist, here are some tips to let you know you should make an appointment.

  1. Your Child Hides Their Smile

If your child is self-conscious of their smile, they might hide or with their hand or try not to smile. That’s a good reason to go to an orthodontist for a consultation. Their smile can have a significant impact on their self-esteem


  1. Their Bite Doesn’t Come Together Correctly

Correcting a child’s bite is also essential to protecting them from further dental damage down the road. Needing braces is not just about crowding or a lot of spacing, but aligning a bite is very important. It can be done to eliminate more severe problems that could happen down the road. Sometimes, that overbite or deep bite can come from oral habits like thumb sucking. An overbite can lead to extra problems as an adult, such as extra wear on teeth, so it’s worth going to an orthodontist to check out the issue.

3. Your Child’s Teeth Have Crowding

The most common issue parents notice is crowded teeth. If there are space issues or crowding issues, the teeth could grow differently as the child’s jaw grows wider in the future. About 90 percent of children are affected with overcrowded teeth, often in their bottom teeth, but sometimes the issue may resolve itself as time goes on.



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