3 Daily Habits To Boost Your Dental Health

Everyone knows that regular dental cleanings and semi-annual check-ups are important to keep your smile clean and healthy, but it is important to do your part at home as well. These 3 daily habits can help improve your dental health and they only take a few minutes a day!

#1 Floss First and Correctly!
Most patients are not aware that they should actually floss before they brush. Using floss to remove food particles from between your teeth first allows for the fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash to get between all the teeth and gums. But flossing isn’t effective if it’s done incorrectly. You need to reach both sides of all of your teeth, not just the ones that you can feel something caught in. Flossing between every tooth and making sure to get both the left and right side of each tooth will ensure a cleaner, healthier smile.

#2 Brush Your Teeth…..PROPERLY
Most patients tell us that they brush every day. But most people are still unaware that just brushing your teeth doesn’t do the job. For the best results, you need to brush with a soft-bristled brush in small, circular motions, for a minimum of 2 minutes a day, twice a day, using medium pressure. (Setting a timer, or singing the ABC song two times in your head before spitting and rinsing will get you to the 2-minute mark.)

#3 Don’t Forget Your Tongue
You are probably familiar with the word, plaque. It is the bacteria film that coats the inside of your mouth after you eat and drink. Plaque forms on your teeth, gums and yes even your tongue. You may be a champion at removing plaque from the rest of your mouth but don’t overlook your tongue.

Give your tongue a quick brush, during your normal brushing routine by carefully using either the bristles of your soft toothbrush or with the back of your brush. Some brushes have a built in tongue scrubber on the back of the brush head. Careful to not brush too hard or go back too far, which can trigger your gag reflex.

By doing these daily habits you will be able to avoid the need for more in-depth orthodontic treatment caused by broken, damaged, or shifting created by unhealthy habits.

If you do require more advanced orthodontic care, contact our office today at 512-337-2325 to schedule your consultation with us! We will help you get your SmileOn!

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